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You are paid by advertisers to read emails each day. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to read the emails. This truly is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. Anyone can participate as long as you are of legal age and have an internet connection.  

Each company allows you to sign up to receive email from advertisers regarding topics that you are interested in.

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Here is how you can make money online by simply reading emails.

There are numerous companies that you can sign up with that will pay you to read emails that they send to you. This is truly an easy way to earn cash online that really works.

People and companies send you email all the time. Do you read it? Would you read it if they paid you to read that email?

Companies can advertise on TV or billboards or anywhere else they choose but if people ignore their ads, then the companies money is wasted. So now, many companies are paying people to read their emails and sometimes take surveys to provide product feedback and other information.

People have participated in select focus groups for decades. In many ways this is an efficient way for companies to expand their focus group reach around the world without having to absorb the expense of bringing people physically into their offices. Plus, people are more likely to respond honestly when they respond from a place of privacy like their own home.

Advertisers  will pay you to read their emails every day, and it actually only takes a few minutes to read the emails.

These companies allow you to sign up to receive email from advertisers for topics you are interested in.

There are many PTR "Paid To Read",  PTC "Paid To Click", PTS "Paid To Search, and PTP "Paid to Promote" websites that pay people to read their ads, click on links and/or view their websites. 

After you sign up for an account with an advertiser's website, they will pay you to read the email ads they send you and/or you will be paid to click on ads that are displayed on their website.

Membership to these websites is FREE and it is very easy for you to participate and make some money.

Participating in "Get Paid To Read Emails" 

When you become a member (join) of a "get paid to read email" company and give them information about yourself (your interests, your demographic information, your hobbies, etc), you are helping that company to build a database of detailed information about its members. The company then uses this information to attract advertisers who want to focus their advertising to a specific group of people - Some focused advertising examples would be; people who like to cook, people who like motorcycles, people who are into health products, etc.

The advertisers pay the company a set amount of money to send their ad to everyone in a specific group. The categories you select on your application determine the types of emails you receive. Once you receive the email they send you and click on the required link you get a cut of what the email company was paid to send the email to you. It is really that simple!

Most of the companies will also pay you for referring people to them. If you refer others, you'll get paid for every email that they read too!

This truly is an easy and reliable way to make money simply and easily by reading emails on your computer.


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